C-3P0 for the Army


Star Wars fans, such as myself, are going to love this one…  Darpa has requested a sum of $15 million to fund the development of a real life C-3P0 aka Broad Operational Language Translation or BOLT for short.  This is great, not only will we have an extremely over priced robot translating for our soldiers in Libya and Afghanistan, but it will also be able to speak to moisture vaporators in their native binary language and we’ll also be able to easily negotiate with the Jawas next time they roll around.  Does Darpa know there’s a software program called Rosetta Stone which will do this for a fraction of the price?  I think they should cut this development and start researching lightsabers.
On a semi-unrelated note…  Georgia aka Nicholas James Martin has not seen the original Star Wars trilogy.  Based on that fact alone I was hesitant to allow him to contribute to NGD.  Not only has he never seen the classic movie franchise, he is also somehow convinced that Gandalf, from The Lord of The Rings, would be able to out duel Yoda in a one-on-one match up.  Are you kidding?!  If I remember correctly Gandalf got worked by the Balrog, which is very similar to a Rancor from Star Wars.  The Rancor was slain by Luke Skywalker whom Yoda trained and was a fraction of what Yoda was.  So given those details there’s no way Gandalf can take Yoda…  EVER.  (Yeah I’m a nerd, what of it?)


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  1. >Georgia should be ashamed of himself….i'm ashamed for him.

  2. >Not cool Georgia – We might also have to deactivate you from the Pudio Splurger's group for that

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