>UCONN: The Aftermath


So I decided not to post about the NCAA championship which occurred last night, because anyone who cares watched the game, and anyone who doesn’t care was overwhelmed by Facebook statuses of people exclaiming their feelings of the game’s outcome.  What I do think is noteworthy today, is the aftermath of the Storrs campus after the game was over.  The News Times reported that 23 people were arrested, 10 of which were students at the university.  There were reports of two cars being over turned and a piano was set on fire.  A piano?  Nice touch kids.  Other items set ablaze include a couch, and a few dumpsters.  I give the students a C+ for the effort.  Has UCONN gone soft since 2004? This doesn’t even qualify as a riot and for something as big as the NCAA championship I would have expected a better showing.

P.S. Where did the piano come from?

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