>North Dakota Finally Does It!


Yep, it finally happened. Independent investigators finally elected North Dakota as the best state to live in…Wait, WHAT?

In an article recently posted by Yahoo! News, a panel came to the conclusion that North Dakota was the most desirable state to live in. They took into account many factors, including the state’s unemployment rate, it’s low crime rate, it’s low credit card default rate, and even that state’s third place finish on the “Well-Being Index,” which measures how happy residents are.
I guess that’s all fine and dandy for some, but personally I feel they’re leaving off some pretty important factors.
For one, I need a sports team within a few hundred miles of where I live. I’m not saying North Dakota’s Fighting Sioux don’t make for great college sporting events, but that doesn’t exactly compare with catching a Red Sox game at Fenway, or a football game anywhere in the state of Texas.
But even if sports aren’t your thing, you’ve got to admit that something’s up when a state seems so out of touch with the American mainstream that you couldn’t find a 5th grader who could name one of their state senators or even the three most populated cities (even if they were from South Dakota).
So while I’ll give North Dakota it’s due for now, and congratulate them on being so boring that they don’t ever have a mugging, a firing, or a night out in which they drain their available credit card balance on strippers and kegs, I’m not exactly ready to move there. For now I’ll take my overpriced lifestyle in a state whose ground thaws before June and that has a beach I can go visit all year round.

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