>Charlie Sheen: Losing


Charlie Sheen’s My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option live tour started with a flop in Detroit this weekend.  In fact, it was so bad his publicist declined to comment.  That’s right, the person Sheen pays to comment had no comment.  The show started with a montage of Charlie’s movie/TV appearances and a make out session between the “goddesses” whom Sheen lives with.  That was the only time the crowd applauded for the rest of the show.  There were no rants about winning or one liners that people will speak about for weeks, just awkward comments, uncomfortable silence, and audible boos.  At one point Sheen asked, “Who here has tried crack?”  What a great question to ask people in Detroit.  After the show, on lookers were all but pleased.  At $75 per ticket (with “no refund” printed on each one) anyone would be frustrated after a sub par performance.  Sheen’s second performance of the twenty city tour was scheduled for 8pm Sunday in Chicago.  We look forward to hearing about that outing as it was reported that Charlie was tweaking (pun intended?) his act the entire bus ride there.  More to come on this situation, but I don’t think the tour makes it passed four shows.

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  1. >I wouldn't blame charlie sheen for sucking, blame the dumbfucks out here in America who gobble up garbage like this (along with jersey shore, kardashians, kesha, etc) and pay for itin fact, he's the smart one for capitalizing on these clowns

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