>Brett Favre Doesn’t Play Defense, and Neither Do the T’wolves


After that glorious introduction by the GM, I wanted to go out and find the juiciest bit of internet news I could find and comment on it. Sadly, There wasn’t too much in the way of the scandalous on the first Sunday in April, but I did manage to find this little bit from last night.
My biggest complaint with the NBA is that there is no defense, but in last night’s Heat vs. Timberwolves game it was just ridiculous. Lebron James gets fouled, making a layup and then taking his spot on the free throw line. Then things go from bad to worse in the very next second. Nobody reacts to the missed free throw as James literally steals the ball from his own player and slams it through the hoop. Suddenly a loss by 20 points doesn’t seem so bad compared to making the news for clearly not caring during a game. I guess up in Minnesota they’re looking for new and interesting ways at being completely inept. I hope you feel as sorry as I do for Kevin Love when you watch the clip and see that sometimes it really is the little things that make fans lose the most respect.

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