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After pleading guilty to charges of sexual misconduct and soliciting an underage prostitute, former NY Giants great Lawrence “LT” Taylor was sentenced to six years of probation and he must register as a sex offender.  No, that is not a typo, there will be no prison time for these charges because they have somehow been deemed as a misdemeanor.  The judge also denied the victim the right to testify in court because victims can only take the stand for felony charges.  It was reported that the victim denied being a prostitute and that another man forced her into the hotel room with Taylor.  Can any lawyers out there in internet land explain this one to me?

PS- You may notice some posts being formatted a little differently during the day.  This is because I have to send updates via email while on my breaks at work, and I’m pretty limited to what I can do to the posts.  So, these posts will be updated later in the day to fit the rest of the page format.


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