>2011 NCAA Update


The 2011 NCAA Tournament continues to keep sports fans highly entertained, with a first week that was chock full of upsets and buzzer beaters.  In case you missed it, here is the list of teams and match ups that will be playing in the Sweet 16 starting on Thursday.
Thursday March 24th (ET)
                        UCONN vs. San Diego St. – CBS @ 7:15pm                
BYU vs. Florida – TBS @ 7:27pm
Arizona vs. Duke – CBS @ 9:45pm
Butler vs. Wisconsin – TBS @ 9:57pm
Friday March 25th
Marquette vs. North Carolina – CBS @ 7:15pm
Richmond vs. Kansas – TBS @ 7:27pm
Kentucky vs. Ohio St. – CBS @ 9:45pm
VCU vs. Florida St. – TBS @ 9:57pm
Butler and VCU are KILLING ME!  First, Butler beats my wildcard pick, Old Dominion, in the opening round at the buzzer.  Then, not only did VCU beat Georgetown and Purdue, but they did it in convincing fashion.  The one team that I hate myself for not picking is Marquette.  I had them losing in the first round.  Why did I do that?  I always have them going into the Sweet 16 not only because they usually perform well in the tourney, but they also have the sweetest uniforms in college basketball.  At this point, I have eleven teams in my bracket still playing so I’m in pretty good shape to win back some of the large wager ($10) I put down.  I’m ranked 4th out of 27, just seven points behind the leader.  So cross your fingers and hope the following teams win: Ohio St, UNC, Duke, UCONN, BYU, Florida St, and Kansas.

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