>The Kid Breaks his Silence about Entering Retirement


Surprised that Ken Griffey Jr. has decided to retire?  If you are, you’ve probably been asleep longer than “The Kid” was when he passed out in the clubhouse during one of his games last season.  Although Ken Griffey Jr. made me cry when I was seven years old (remember the 1995 ALDS?) he is still one of my favorite baseball players of all time.  In his prime, he was the most exciting player in the majors to watch.  With that sweet uppercut swing and breaking bones from running into walls to rob players of extra base hits, there was nobody better.  Griffey Jr. is ranked 5th all time in home runs, and 14th all time in RBIs, but I still do not think his career numbers are an effective portrayal of his talent.  If he was healthy throughout his career there’s no doubt in my mind he would be ranked 1st all time in home runs.  Yes, still ahead of Bonds (but A-Rod would still eventually break the record).  The difference between those two and Griffey, is The Kid would have done it using God given talent.  So today, we tip our hats to Ken Griffey Jr. and shed another tear for the 1995 Yankees.


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