>Charlie Sheen to be Cured by a MA Warlock


I know how worried society has been with the physical and mental health of movie and TV star Charlie Sheen, but America can breathe a little easier now that a warlock from Salem, MA  has taken it upon himself to heal the troubled actor.  Christian Day, along with other warlocks and witches, will be attending the Violent Torpedo of Truth live tour, and while sitting in the crowd will be casting spells to rid Sheen of his “negative spiritual forces.”  What a relief!  Christian Day should be rewarded for this deed.  I’m sure that after these spells are unleashed on Charlie, he’ll stop doing cocaine and partying with porn stars.  I just wish they were willing to help everyone, instead of a man who was making $2mil per episode.  
Maybe Christian Day and his friends should be a little more worried about their own mental health and just let Charlie be Charlie… his rants and one liners lately have been more entertaining than any episode of Two and a Half Men.


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