Time Travel, a Thing of the Past

It appears as though, no matter how much money any of us have, we will never be able to steer the Titanic away from that iceberg, catch Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech” in person, or even just regain a little dignity by correcting those nights in college that got a little too out of hand. Scientists from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology shut the door on all possible time travel today, making it solely a thing of the imagination.


After an intensive study into the relationship between light and physics, the researchers concluded that the speed of a photon, the smallest unit of light, can never travel faster than light itself. What this boils down to is that “an effect cannot occur before its cause.” And though they did not rule out travel across great distances in the universe through wormholes one day, they advised that this kind of travel would not allow you to bend time so much as distance. So, in the simplest terms imaginable, we’ll never be able to time travel. Bummer.


What could be most impressive about this particular study, however, is not that the scientists are killing my dream of drinking with F. Scott Fitzgerald, but that they’re actually coming to a conclusion that Einstein reached years and years ago. Brilliant as he was, Einstein obviously didn’t have the same kind of technology (or funding) that we do today, so no one was ever sure of whether or not his speculation that time travel was impossible was true, until now.


So while it may be a real let down for the rest of us, kudos to Einstein today for not only being able to solve the quandary of time travel, but for doing it light years ahead of his time (pun intended).


Another Hollywood A-Lister to hit the Marine Corps Ball

Our crack news team here at No Genre Daily has been scouring the airwaves waiting for a follow-up on the story that we broke here on Wednesday morning about Mila Kunis attending the Marine Corps Ball on November 18. Don’t worry, she still appears to be attending, but what we also found out was that her co-star Justin Timberlake, who exclaimed in interviews that the Marine Ball “didn’t want me,” has also been asked to the ball, and in splendid fashion.

Like her Marine Corps counterpart, Cpl. Kelsey De Santis filmed a YouTube video asking Timberlake to a separate ball, her’s being held in Washington D.C. on November 12. But instead of just videotaping a request, De Santis dressed it up, directly calling out Timberlake, in essence daring him to come.

“You want to call out my girl Mila, well I’m gonna call you out and ask you to come to the Marine Corps Ball with me on November 12 in Washington D.C.,” De Santis said in the interview, hinting at the fact that it was Timberlake that largely contributed to Kunis admitting, on air and during the interview, that she would oblige the request of her and attend. But just in case it wasn’t too clear, De Santis one-upped the simple request, and included a personal dig directed at Timberlake.

“And if you can’t go,” De Santis warned, “all I have to say is ‘Cry Me a River.'”

Props to you, Kelsey De Santis, not only did you manage to one-up the ballsy Marine who succeeded in asking out a totally hot Hollywood A-list actress, but you likely are scored a date in the process with one of the most eligible bachelors in America. Well done.

(By the way, our girl’s a Sox fan, so get on that JT!)

Casey Anthony Not Done Yet

Apparently for all of those people (and there are millions) thinking that Casey Anthony got off way too easy after being accused of killing her own daughter, there’s some comforting news on the horizon. In a rare turn of events, Anthony may have to actually pay for admitting that she lied to authorities and not in further jail time, either, but in cold hard cash.

Tim Miller is even angrier than most over the outcome of the Anthony case, which saw her ultimately evade all responsibility over the death of her daughter Caylee. Miller is not a family member, or even a prosecutor, but the founder of Equusearch, the company that was charged with finding the minor alive.

Miller claims that Anthony knew her daughter was dead the entire time that his company spent upwards of $100,000 trying to find her. He reasonably believes that she lied to him in the summer of 2008 when he personally visited her house to assure her that her daughter would be found, just like she lied to federal investigators (the only crime she was actually convicted of).

The Equusearch owner isn’t just seeking the money that his company lost, however. Instead he’s also after the peace of mind lost by the families that he feels his company could have been helping instead of searching for a child he claims Casey Anthony already knew was dead. But before you think this seems far-fetched, its been reported that Anthony has been offered up to and over $1 million to appear on The Jerry Springer Show, among others. So if she’s going to be dealt that kind of money simply to face the nation, I think it only seems reasonable that Miller get his money back (though I truly hope the money does end up in the hands of the families whose loved ones were lost while time was wasted looking for the already-deceased Caylee Anthony).

U.S. Women have Hope, and That’s Reason Enough to Watch

I know I speak for more than a few soccer fans who, while captivated by the U.S. Men’s World Cup run not too long ago, have only tuned into this year’s Women’s World Cup to simply catch glimpses of perhaps the most beautiful female athlete in the world, U.S. goalie Hope Solo. But if even we haven’t been the most committed of fans yet, there’s still plenty of time to tune into the World Cup final and jump on the U.S. bandwagon, and not just to gawk at Hope.

This year’s team has proved its resiliency time and time again, including bouncing back from their first group stage defeat in years to beat a world-class Brazil team in a come-from-behind win that was both riveting, and indicative of what kind of team the U.S. women were. The game showed both what we already knew, that the U.S. team is talented (after all they came in as the favorite to be runner-up to the host nation of Germany, who had one the last two World Cups) and more. The game also showed that this team has heart, and won’t give up at any cost, even after the world’s best player has put one in on your gorgeous goal keeper.

The United States further showed this resiliency on Wednesday when they were able to put away a French team that wouldn’t lay down and die either. Led by savvy veterans, including a multi-faceted goal scorer in Abby Wambach and midfield spark plug Meghan Rapinoe, and injected with a lot of youthful energy, this U.S. team is not only the favorite to win against a surprising Japanese team, but could do it in very exciting fashion.

So, heading into this weekend, have some fun and do whatever you’d normally do, but just keep in mind that there’s a United States team up for a World Championship that only comes around every four years. And for most of your people who will read this article after having never even seen any of the World Cup games this year, don’t feel like its too late to jump on the U.S. Women’s bandwagon. Do yourself a favor and tune in to ESPN at 2 p.m. (EST) to support the women’s team. After all, at worst you’ll at least get to catch a glimpse of Hope Solo and see what all the fuss is about.

Accused Pedophile Allowed to watch Pornography in Jail

Troubling news recently broke for people who think that the laws are a little too lenient for pedophiles. Through an absolute terrible loophole in the law, a man accused of child molestation and of pedaling child pornography is actually being allowed to view his own child pornography tapes while in a Tacoma, Washington, Prison.

The accused, Weldon Marc Gilbert, is now free to watch his collection of over 200 child pornography videos from the jail in which he is imprisoned. The loophole allows to the man to watch as many hours of the video as he needs to because he is acting as his own attorney. Under the law, because Gilbert is representing himself, he must be allowed to view the evidence pertaining to his defense. In this twisted case, this evidence is actually the child pornography found in his home that he (allegedly) produced.

Gilbert is not only charged with pedaling child pornography but the former pilot is also accused of luring children with alcohol and other bribes into his Washington home to abuse them physically and mentally. And while he can not watch the videos alone, and an investigator is with him at all times in a room monitored by jail guards, I can’t imagine that Gilbert is really getting any work done at all, but indulging himself in his sick fantasies.

This is simply another instance in which a sick, sad man is taking advantage of the American legal system for his own benefit. If there’s any consolation in this story, it’s that Gilbert will likely be too enthralled with his past disturbing actions to prepare an adequate defense, and that his victims will get swift justice. Enjoy your loophole for now Gilbert, because if there’s any justice in the world you’ll soon be getting what’s coming to you on the inside of a Washington penitentiary.

Tricky Dick’s Moon Rock Found

Coleman Anderson, best known for his role as one of the first captains to be featured on Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, is creating news in Seattle, despite now residing all the way in Corpus Christi, Texas. Anderson, who was also a Seattle businessman, is being accused by the state of Alaska of theft, but that’s not even the unique part of the story.

The real tale dates back to over 37 years ago, when investigating the remnants of an arson fire that tore through the Alaska Transportation Museum in Anchorage in 1973, Anderson came across a plaque that he claims was garbage. Instead, the plaque was actually the remains of a moon rock, presented to the state of Alaska by then-President Richard Nixon after the safe return of the Apollo 11 trip back from the moon in 1969.

Anderson, maintaining the plaque was left out to be tossed into a landfill, took it for his own, and only recently acknowledged that he had possession of the rock (one of only 230 in the world) in a lawsuit against the state of Alaska that he’s filed in an attempt to keep what he’s been in possession of for 37 years. Though it seems pretty mundane, the fact is that people are offering up to $5 million for such moon rocks on the black market, so the offense of stealing one can be pretty serious.

The 55-year old Anderson is claiming that at the very least he needs to be reimbursed for the time, effort and personal finance that he’s put into restoring the plaque itself. And while it hasn’t been verified, the plaque is said by former NASA investigator Joe Gutheinz to be the real deal. The bad news for Anderson, though, is that the state of Alaska, led by Gutheinz, who’s now an attorney in Houston, has filed a counterclaim not only asking for the return of the moon rock, but also damages for Anderson’s holding of the rock for so long.

Anderson’s attorney, the Seattle-based Daniel Harris, isn’t about to give up without a fight, though, claiming that the state of Alaska never so much as filed a report on the missing rock. The case may take quite awhile to come to a resolution, but in the meantime Anderson should relish holding on to the rock for as long as he can. Not only will a loss mean he must give up the rock, but having to pay damages for taking it would just add insult to injury. Best of luck Coleman, you’ve got quite the battle in front of you.

The Dark Knight Rises Teaser

<iframe src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/26389975?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0&#8243; width=”400″ height=”220″ frameborder=”0″></iframe><p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/26389975″>The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user7768693″>Caner Gelibolu</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Here’s the first teaser trailer (that I’ve seen) for next Summer’s Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.  Summer 2012 can’t get here soon enough, this one is looking to be just as epic as the last.